μ(micro)TRON Keyboard

μ(micro)TRON Keyboard is a body-friendly ergonomics keyboard.


μ(micro)TRON Keyboard (including the second-hand goods) went out of stock and we have ended the sales of this product. We are sorry to disappoint you. (March 13th, 2017)

Product Lineup

μTRON Keyboard -Japanese(JIS) model-50,000 yen

Designer / Developer

μTRON Keyboard is designed by Dr.Ken Sakamura, the leader of TRON Project / TRON Forum, and developed by Ubiquitous Computing Technology Corporation.



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Pictures / Figures


μTRON Keyboard has some restrictions for overseas customers. Please accept the following conditions.

Hardware trouble and repair

μTRON Keyboard is warranted for one year from the date of your purchase, as long as the hardware is normally used under the good environmental condition and good manner of operation. However, shipping cost for the damaged hardware should be paid at your end.

Even if the hardware is still under warranty, the repair cost should be charged to you when the cause of trouble is due to misusage, modification, wear-out parts replacement or act of God.