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What's New

Nov 14, 2013
Smooth Reader version 2.5 is released.
  • Required OS version is iOS 7 or later.
  • Beautiful new user interface designed to match iOS 7.
  • Performance improvement for iPad Air and iPad mini Retina.
  • Color setting for Book category tag.
  • Support for Dynamic Type (Scalable character size in the list of book titles and TOC)

Product Lineup

Smooth Reader
Smooth Reader
US $3.99, EU 4.99€

iPad iOS 10 or later Available on the App Store

E-mail: sr-sales@personal-media.co.jp

Smooth Reader® Features

Home View Function
If you set "Home View" for the area you want to zoom, you can keep reading the area in full screen. Only with flick or tap operation, you can read page after page with large characters.
3D Perspective View
The bookshelf automatically tilts and scrolls in 3D perspective. You can find desired books as if you walked along the bookshelf.
Book Categories Tags
Tagged books are lined up on the bookshelf with dividers. You can organize many books efficiently and effectively.
Smooth and Fast Page Turning
You can turn pages fast and smoothly like real printed books.
Excellent Basic Functions
The excellent basic functions including Two-page Spread, bookmarks, jumping from the link, sorting in order of file name, last access date, registered date, last modified date or author name are also available.
▼3D Perspective View (55sec)

▼Book Categories Tags (1min 14sec)